The 10 advantages of eRAk debt collection

  • 1. Comprehensive accounts receivable management - all professional services under one roof
  • 2. Fast and efficient - through simple debtors data transfer and electronic processing
  • 3. Clearly written reminders with explanations of our 7-step approach
  • 4. Easy and customer friendly – we provide pre-printed payment slips and the possibility to pay in instalments
  • 5. Individuality and flexibility – through clear and efficient payment methods also for Austria and Switzerland
  • 6. Rigorous legal and criminal procedures undertaken - prosecution in all European countries
  • 7. Conscientious and precise – through identity and credit worthiness checks, Lawyers advise, address and telephone number inquiries, telephone collection as well as information and detective inquiries – including -
    Exact and calculable - through extra services
  • 8. Reliable and transparent – through regular reporting and statistics
  • 9. Efficient and successful – letter of recommendation from one of the world´s leading internet mail order companies
  • 10. Reasonably priced and fair – lawyers collection services with excellent conditions and a frame contract